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the testimonials

A testimonial is a great teacher, acknowledgment of ones work, encouragement, and much more. 
I greatly appreciate and am humbled by each one.


" I am a medical doctor and have closely worked with and witnessed Sarah. Our office has sent numerous patients to her that we needed help with because the traditional school medicine approach has not helped them. Cases range from chronic pain, chronic depression, PTSD, unexplained somatization, deep rooted trauma, anxiety or fears and many others of every age group from infants to matured ages.  

Sarah comes from a line of natural healers. Healing is given or not. Just because I'm a physician doesn't necessarily mean that I can heal. Yes, one improves and acquires skills assisting patients in their process and journey but the true healer...the true assistant, one recognizes by his touch. She not only possesses that touch naturally, she feels the subconscious of her clients in herself and feels guided to the area of the body/soul that needs the attention. 

Sarah doesn't claim the improvements or even healing, or the ‘moving through it’ of her clients to be her doing. 

She tells me that "it’s time to step aside and to allow the team to do its work.” She feels it is best to get out of the way to a point of completely losing herself in her passion to assist. To get to that point one had to learn a lot, acquire many skills, but most of all has to be very humble. 


Although aware of her gifts at an early age, Sarah was called in the second stage of her life to do this work. While being a licensed teacher in Montessori, a talented singer, and a strong mother of 3 children, she found her first teacher, Greg Harper PhD,  who helped her transform her understanding of her natural gifts through shamanic practices, certified in California. She expanded her ability through the classical massage schooling, also licensed in California, and continued her growth in Europe when she met another great teacher, Hugh Milne, an Osteopath and one of the most inspiring and knowledgeable Craniosacral teachers and healers in the world.

Sarah is not a woman of elaborate explanations when she ends her sessions, which can take from 1.25-2.25 hours. She is patient, present, open, carries no judgment and from the heart, truly only wishes to assist. She communicates her voices and visions with simple words or drawings that will assist clients to grow, again there she emphasizes the importance of the clients own allowance and willingness to integrate change or redirection in their life. 

She declines requests to function as a fortuneteller even if she is granted such visions.

I respect her, admire her talents, and I also recommend.

“The importance lies in learning to listen to the SELF, which is part but mostly beyond our limited understanding..."  ~Philipp B., M.D.

I was always surprised how Sarah knew and knows where to place her healing hands. It was always for me a sign of what I need to do, or a reminder of what my body or mind may need. With Sarah’s assistance, I feel my freedom, I feel my happiness, and I feel grounded.  I recommend her 100%

I wish Sarah all the best, good luck & lots of love for her whole being, and her energetic work. I wish that her hands may help more people.  ~Namaste Sandra

Upon entering the practice, I feel immediately safe. After a brief exchange of words, I get treated by Sarah. Her calm and clear manner, her few to no words, her gentle hands, her presence let me go with confidence. Every time I experience healing, liberation and resolution of blockages. Be it physically, in an emotional or mental confusion or on the mental level. Each treatment is different, geared to my needs and the moment.

Being treated by Sarah brings clarity, healing and relief at all levels. I can recommend Sarah from the heart. ~Gabriela

By Sarah's calm nature, I quickly gained confidence and was able to open up for the treatment. Through her work and treatment I was able to solve my fears and found my way back to a normal life.

I can highly recommend the treatment by Sarah. If you are ready to open, you will be rewarded.

~ Roman

I can not say when we meet if there is or will there be any effect on you. In any case, I am and feel always relaxed after your treatments. My letting go with my old company is becoming much better, and even though I also have very different stressful topics, working with you, I feel I can now handle them in a healthier, better way. In any case it is an enrichment for me to have met you and I look forward to further treatments.  ~Jürg


Every session is a unique experience, and I am grateful to have assisted with yours. Please share your opinion.

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