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A gentle hands on, or hands off complimentary therapy that can offer comfort, ease through veterinary treatments, assist in balancing the well-being of our four hoofed/beloved pawed members of the family in whatever stage they may be in presently.

After you as the owner and I as the assistant converse over what may be perplexing your loved one and an agreement to proceed has been made, whether your loved wants to move, be playful or be still, I will follow their lead and allow them to invite me, to guide me on how to serve and address their needs to the best of my ability.


• Place of session to be determined by owner and I. Can be outdoors, or in. House visits are possible
• Owners must be present throughout entire session
• If prone to biting, protective mouth piece is required

**Distance travel is also possible. (Additional cost will apply)

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Sarah seemed to immediately connect with our dog Heather. She was patient, observant, gentle, and followed Heather’s lead.

Heather became quiet, and still. Sarah knew when to step back, give space, and again touch Heather where she needed it.

There seemed to be a not so great of a memory that surfaced during the session and it was a bit intense(we think it was from before we received her)but Sarah wasn’t alarmed. She again gave space, and Heather seemed to know Sarah was there to only help, not harm.

Heather truly benefited from working with Sarah. She was a tired, but happy girl following the treatment. A sweet change in her demeanor.


We thank Sarah for her offering and recommend her skills.

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