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the treatment


There are theoretical definitions out there for both, and there are many resources on the internet to help

you clarify them more, if needed, but I can only come from what they mean to me from within.

CST is a subtle, energetic dance of the assistant and the assisted. The guide and the guided. There is no true hierarchy and position interchanges throughout the energetic exchange.

Somewhere a life balance is sought for, and as an energetic team, a passage to it may be found and supported, so one may continue on in their life merged or merging with ones true self.


Shamanism is an ancient healing tradition, a way of life for many. A sacred energetic connection, dance,

and honorable relationship with nature and all of creation.

Cranio (Intuitive)


A gentle, light, non-invasive touch/movement that listens and communicates with your energetic being

to serve your needs.​


**Light, comfortable clothing is customary. Underwear/Undergarments are also optional

** Children, infant up to 18 must be lovingly accompanied by a parent or legal guardian

The Process

There will be 2 or more sessions.


The first one is the energetic collaboration. It is when we find out if you are receptive to this type of work

and if we can collaborate.

There is not much that can be said as to what happens in the second session. Every single session is unique to you and to me as the assistant as well, and can be full of surprises.

It is you that drives the process, whether consciously or not.

As the assistant there are only 2 questions I always ask myself. What do you need? How can I best assist you?


The need is rarely mundane.

Graphic Spiral


I appreciate Sarah’s openness and how she listens. I was very nervous when I arrived. Not knowing how this session was going to work, but I immediately felt welcomed, calm, and curious when I met her.

It felt like I was meeting a friend, a friend who listens, has sense of humor that made feel joy even when I came with pain.

Very hard to explain the whole experience, but it was an experience that helped lift me out of a bad place.

I saw Sarah a few times, and this work she does helped me to find my steps in the right direction. Very thankful.

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