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the treatments


There are theoretical definitions out there for both, and there are many resources on the internet to help

you clarify them more, if needed, but I can only come from what they mean to me from within.

CST is a subtle, energetic dance of the assistant and the assisted. The guide and the guided. There is no true hierarchy and position interchanges throughout the energetic exchange.

Somewhere a life balance is sought for, and as an energetic team, a passage to it may be found and supported, so one may continue on in their life merged or merging with ones true self.


Shamanism is an ancient healing tradition, a way of life for many. A sacred energetic connection, dance,

and honorable relationship with nature and all of creation.

Cranio (Intuitive)


A gentle, light, non-invasive touch/movement that listens and communicates with your energetic being

to serve your needs.​


**Light, comfortable clothing is customary. Underwear/Undergarments are also optional

** Children, infant up to 18 must be lovingly accompanied by a parent or legal guardian

The Process

There will be 2 or more sessions.


The first one is the energetic collaboration. It is when we find out if you are receptive to this type of work

and if we can collaborate.

There is not much that can be said as to what happens in the second session. Every single session is unique to you and to me as the assistant as well, and can be full of surprises.

It is you that drives the process, whether consciously or not.

As the assistant there are only 2 questions I always ask myself. What do you need? How can I best assist you?


The need is rarely mundane.

Cranio Touch Massage (Intuitive)


A session that begins with a massage for relaxation ,and then gently, intuitively move into and combine ‘Cranio’ mode.

The movements are based on what I feel need work. Strokes vary and stop where I feel there is
a need to focus.

**Underwear/Undergarments are customary

** Children, infant up to 18 must be lovingly accompanied by a parent or legal guardian

Cranio canine (Intuitive)

A gentle hands on, or hands off complimentary therapy that can offer comfort, ease through veterinary treatments, assist in balancing the well-being of our beloved four pawed members
of the family in whatever stage they may be in presently.

After you as the owner and I as the assistant converse over what may be perplexing your loved one and an agreement to proceed has been made, whether your loved wants to move, be playful or be still, I will follow their lead and allow them to invite me, to guide me on how to serve and address their energetic fields needs to the best of my ability.


• Place of session to be determined by owner and I. Can be outdoors, or in. House visits are possible
• Owners must be present throughout entire session
• If prone to biting, protective mouth piece is required

**Distance travel is also possible. (Additional cost will apply)

CRANIO SWAY (intuitive)


Our session begins with us standing or sitting across from one another. You may speak, we may speak together, or we allow what you need to be shared in silence. As a partnership, I move with you, I sit with you, I glide with you, I support you. We safely and respectfully allow your body to tell its story. You may safely and respectfully have my assistance as your story surfaces.


• Requires openness
• Comfortable clothing suited for gentle exercise
• Barefoot or grip socks
• A journal and pen
• Bottle of water

** Children, infant up to 18 must be lovingly accompanied by a parent or legal guardian



My spirit says, "Come move with me, sway with me, sit with me, wade with me, voice with me, let us find our way of self meditation, self rhythm, self sound, and allow ourselves to go, feel, find, and be where we need

to be... in this moment.

• This can be a private or group session. Time and date to be arranged
• For groups 3-6-9 (arrangements must be made and agreed upon at least 3 weeks prior to session(s)


**Please be prepared for the possibilities of gentle movement, possibilities of stillness, possibilities of being

in water. Possibilities of you......being you. Possibilities.

** Children, infant up to 18 must be lovingly accompanied by a parent or legal guardian