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about sarah

Californian by birth. Global in nature.

A Montessori Teacher, Singer, Massage Practitioner, Shamanic Practitioner, Craniosacral Worker. My life work has continuously been about aiding

others to reconnect with their own selves, to feel the possibility of their

own potential.

This wasn’t something I woke up to one morning and said this is what I want to do in life. This was something I fought long and hard to push away from for many reasons...but the Universe within me already had something in mind and wasn’t allowing me to separate from it nor was it allowing me to run away from it. One day resistance became futile. I surrendered. A merging took place. The merging continues.

I am not your medical doctor, I am not your fortune teller, I am not your hypnotist, I am not a magician. Nevertheless, I am here to assist you.

My name is Sarah, I look forward to welcoming you.


her approach

Whether it’s physiological, emotional, physical, mental, addictive, traumatic,
and you’re looking for assistance and a space to feel safe to explore the root causes of these areas, no matter the age...I am here, and it would be an honor
to assist you.

Being present, listening, feeling within myself whatever information is made available to me in that moment with you, responding to your energetic needs
with intuitive touch, intuitive movement, intuitive words, sounds, or silence.

I am not your medical doctor, I am not your fortune teller, I am not your hypnotist, I am not a magician.

I am one with a purpose to invite you to make your own choice of moving into a safe, sacred, and protected space. I wish to assist from heart source and silently bare witness to you allowing yourself to connect with the nurturing aspect of your own Self. In working with you, I continue to learn. My abilities continue to grow.


For that I am thankful.

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