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the treatment


There are theoretical definitions out there for both, and there are many resources on the internet to help

you clarify them more, if needed, but I can only come from what they mean to me from within.

CST is a subtle, energetic dance of the assistant and the assisted. The guide and the guided. There is no true hierarchy and position interchanges throughout the energetic exchange.

Somewhere a life balance is sought for, and as an energetic team, a passage to it may be found and supported, so one may continue on in their life merged or merging with ones true self.


Shamanism is an ancient healing tradition, a way of life for many. A sacred energetic connection, dance,

and honorable relationship with nature and all of creation.

Cranio Touch Massage (Intuitive)


A session that begins with a massage for relaxation ,and then gently, intuitively move into and combine ‘Cranio’ mode.

The movements are based on what I feel need work. Strokes vary and stop where I feel there is
a need to focus.

**Underwear/Undergarments are customary

** Children, infant up to 18 must be lovingly accompanied by a parent or legal guardian

Graphic Spiral


I thought I was coming for something like a Swedish Massage, and received something completely different.

Sarah has a way about her. Before she touches you, her voice is already calming. She felt the areas exactly where I needed some attention, and the way she moved with my body was something I hadn’t experienced in a massage. Caring and tender, very professional. Everything in my body completely melted. I felt like I drifted somewhere, and returned new and a rejuvenated person. Having something lifted or taken that I no longer needed. I highly recommend working with Sarah. I’ll be back. It’s something I wish I could do everyday.

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